Transportation & Parking Information

DCXC Invite Transportation Information
Thank you for joining us at the DCXC Invite. Following is important information regarding transportation and parking.

Event Location
The meet is located at Kenilworth Park on Deane Avenue, NE and the adjacent track which is known as Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center off of Anacostia Avenue, NE.

This meet is not at the Kenilworth Park-Aquatic Gardens.

While there is no address for Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center, the best GPS address to get you close to the meet is 4020 Anacostia Avenue, NE Washington DC 20019.

If you are coming 295-S exit at Burroughs Ave/Minnesota Avenue and follow one of the following sets of directions for parking.

Please note that we have added parking which 

Spectator Parking & Transportation

Parking at Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center (limited)

PARKING IS LIMITED AT KENILWORTH-PARKSIDE RECREATION CENTER. Due to rain our parking is extremely limited this year at Kenilworth Rec Center (map). This year we have employed the services of a professional parking company, however, we cannot guarantee that we will have enough parking for all spectators in these lots. Please be patient as we will park as many cars as we can and will manage ingress/egress of cars throughout day as efficiently as possible. Arrive early, be prepared to wait, and make yourself familiar with other parking options in case these lots becomes temporarily or permanently full. Handicap parking available in this lot; must show placard.

ADDITIONAL PARKING  + SHUTTLE JUST ADDED: Chavez High School + Street Parking

Parking is available near Chavez High School and the surrounding areas (see map for detail on where to park). Please park in the shaded areas of the map. There will be a shuttle that will run on a loop at the corner of Hayes + Kenilworth Terrace.

To access Chavez, please turn left onto Kenilworth Terrace from 295-S.

METRO & Overflow Parking — Minnesota Avenue (Orange Line)

This event is METRO accessible (orange line). Also for the most parking options, consider parking at Minnesota Avenue METRO. It has a multi-level parking garage ($4.60) as well as metered spots. The Minnesota Ave METRO is a .4 mile walk (approximately 10 minutes) to the entrance to Kenilworth Park and is a  .7 mile walk (15 minutes) from the start/finish areas of the meet. Sorry, METRO does not allow us to provide shuttle service from the METRO station, however, you may take the U7 bus which runs on the :12 and :42 on the hour and drops off at the entrance to Kenilworth Park (Kenilworth Ave NE & N H Burroughs Ave).

We recommend that if you are unfamiliar with this area and are walking to/from this METRO that you do not walk alone and return to your vehicles before dark.

Street Parking (limited)

Limited street parking is available for personal vehicles along Anacostia Ave, NE (east of 42nd St, NE), along 40th St, NE, and Lee Ave, NE unless otherwise posted.  BUSES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARK IN THESE AREAS. PLEASE respect our very patient neighbors and avoid parking in the Eastland Gardens neighborhood which is the neighborhood just east of Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center (across from the track).

School Buses: Drop Off/Parking
School buses should turn left onto Burroughs Ave which turns into Deane Ave, NE. Continue into Kenilworth Park past posted police officers. Drive .2 miles to the first parking lot on your right. You should drop your passengers at this point, then continue to the parking lot at the end of Deane Ave, NE to park for duration of event (following parking staff directions).   Only school buses are allowed to park in Kenilworth Park.

Pick up procedure for buses at Kenilworth

Buses in Kenilworth Park will begin staging for school pick up at 6:00pm along Deane Ave in the Park. Please return to your buses by 5:30pm and await instructions.

If you are not staying to the end of the meet, inform the parking attendant at the first lot and you will be sent back out of the park to our off site bus parking at Cesar Chavez Charter School (3701 Hayes NE, WDC 20019). To get to Chavez, turn right out of Park onto Kenilworth Terrance and then right onto Hayes. Chavez is on your left.

Pick up procedure for buses parked outside of Kenilworth

Inform the officer at the entrance of Kenilworth Park that you are picking up your athletes. Your athletes should meet you at the same lot you dropped them off at for pick up unless you are otherwise instructed by our parking staff. Pick ups occurring past 5:00pm may need to occur at alternate pick up spot; please coordinate with parking staff at drop off.

Buses: DO NOT park in the Eastland Gardens neighborhood (across from the Park), along Anacostia Ave, NE, on 40th St, NE or Lee Ave, NE. If buses are found parked in these locations they may be cited by police and coaches may be called away from meet to rectify parking situation.